Dimensions – Success is a journey … not a destination.

In the beginning there was a dream but the dream was formless. And then the dream

evolved into a question by Freddy Mendonca to anyone who would care to listen: “Why is

the Christian community is individually rich but collectively poor? “ There were no answers,

but the dream persisted: to help the Christian Community to grow and to prosper. Years

later, when he voiced this to a new found friend – and the answer was simple: Why don’t you

do something about it?

Many meetings and brainstorming sessions later Dimensions was born as a forum of

Christian businessmen and professionals.. The Vision statement, a result of discussions with

management gurus and some of the brightest Christian entrepreneurs and professionals,

says it all.

Finally, Freddy was happy to see his dream converted into reality……….


Dimensions seeks to bring like-minded Christian businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals

together for mutual connectivity and growth and thus create an environment of success for

all based on Christian values. The common vision and aim is to share success stories and

be involved in helping other members of the community to grow.

Members of Dimensions consist of businessmen and professionals from various walks of life

like legal, medicine, industry, investment, education, entertainment, etc. The aim is to create

wealth and using the same for community development.

Members are referred to as ‘diamonds’ – as they are multi-faceted and shining. Contributory

networking breakfast meetings are held on the 4th Saturday of every month so that

Diamonds can personally network and communicate with each other

Several members have benefited vastly from their attendance at these networking meetings

not only by way of knowledge but also by way of business referrals etc. Many deals have

been struck and Christians can benefit by being a part of the highly vibrant Christian

business network, which Dimensions stands for.

Dimensions also aspires to be a breeding ground for the youth to pursue entrepreneurship,